A Better Gutter Before a Texas Winter

Posted on Dec 17, 2014 11:45:10 AM by Chris Meyer

better-gutter-for-texas-winterAs December ushers in cold weather, with some nighttime lows dropping into the 30s, it’s an ideal time to start thinking about the effects of winter weather conditions on your home and the importance of a great gutter system.

Although the average monthly rainfall totals are relatively low during the winter, your gutter system is also handling melting snow and ice during this period. Without adequate functioning of a home’s gutters, that kind of snow and ice on homes can lead to several threats.

One issue can stem from water leaking into the home through an outside wall. Once the water seeps in, it can lead to damage in interior walls. Water collecting too close to the home can also cause problems. Small pools of water will soak into the ground, potentially affecting the foundation.

The home itself is not the only part of your property that can be negatively impacted by a poor or inadequate gutter system. Sidewalks, porches and landscaping can be damaged by uncontrolled water flow coming from above. This damage is not only unsightly, it can also be costly to address.

In the midst of the fall season, it’s helpful to take time to evaluate your current gutter system and take action if necessary. In fact, it’s worthwhile to schedule a gutter and downspout evaluation twice a year. A system’s design, age or installation can all lead to possible issues. Downspouts can also be a problem spot if not wide enough to handle expected water volume or not long enough at the end to allow water to flow away from a home’s foundation.

In addition to providing superior roof repair and replacement services in Texas, Crosby Roofing can help homeowners with our expertise in gutter systems. We design, fabricate and expertly install gutter systems and ensure each system is the optimum size for the home. Beyond function, we also provide gutter systems that complement a home’s appearance and colors.

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