Three Roof Repairs You Should Always Hire a Contractor For

Posted on Apr 29, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Chris Meyer

three-roof-repairs-you-should-always-hire-a-contractor-for.jpgOften, when it comes to home repairs, there are two different types: the type you can attempt yourself, and the type you really should get professional help for.

For instance, let’s take the toilet. If you use too much toilet paper and it becomes clogged, most people can handle a plunger well enough to fix it. It’s not a big deal. But what if it’s a deep clog that isn’t fixed with a little plunging? Let’s say you have to involve an auger (sometimes called a “snake”) and everything. Does that feel like a job you should perform yourself? Unless you’re an amateur plumber, probably not.

Today, we’re going to discuss roof repairs that fall into this category. Here are three types of damage you should really leave up to the professionals:

  • Rotted Wood Underneath Shingles

The main problem here is the amount of work needed. Shingles have to protect that wood underneath – that’s one of their primary functions – because it’s not meant to absorb moisture. Allowing that wood to become wet will lead to decay and rot, which eventually can cause structural instability.

In order to get to this wood, you’re going to have to remove shingles and do some intense work atop the roof. You’ll also have to remove the offending wood and replace it. Probably best to skip this one.

  • Chimney in Disrepair

Many homes have chimneys, and those chimneys are often made of brick. And while that’s attractive, it’s also problematic. Like all building materials, mortar won’t last forever. Over time, the mortar will weaken and crumble, allowing bricks to come loose. Not only is that a safety hazard, it allows moisture to penetrate areas it’s not supposed to. And as we’ve discussed, moisture is bad news when it comes to the roof.

So why should a professional handle this? Well, what do you know about bricks and mortar? And do you feel about testing that knowledge from 15+ feet in the air? Better to let the pros handle it.

  • Full Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is very challenging, especially if you need to remove the shingles already in place. When a roof has one or two layers of shingles, another layer can often be added right on top. But if there are already a couple of layers there, you’re going to have to remove all the existing shingles first. And that is quite an ordeal.

And what’s your reward for finishing that? NOW you get to put a new layer of shingles on. Bottom line: it’s a lot of work, and it’s probably not worth doing yourself.

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