What To Do If You Have Storm Damage On Your Roof

Posted on May 2, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Chris Meyer

what-to-do-if-you-have-storm-damage-on-your-roof.jpgWe’ve finally reached the time of year where Daylight Savings Time kicks back in, “springing” us forward into longer days and warmer weather. And for some of us, it couldn’t come a moment too soon.

Oh sure, people associate Texas with scorching heat and 10-gallon hats, but they don’t realize what a beast our winters can be. We have to face rain, wind, ice, sleet, snow and lightning throughout the cold season, which wreaks havoc on your roof. Inclement weather is the No. 1 cause of damage to roofs, and you can’t put off repairs indefinitely. Any problems with your roof will only get worse with time and further exposure to the elements.

So if you have significant storm damage to your roof, here’s our advice:

  • Start Working On Repairs Immediately

As soon as the rain or wind stops, you need to climb up on the roof and evaluate the situation. There is no other reliable way to survey the damage without climbing up there, so if you’re afraid of heights, you’d better hire a professional roofing contractor to take a look.

If you’re brave enough to climb up to the roof, walk slowly and try to stay away from the edges. Wear shoes with some solid grip as well. Look for damaged or broken shingles – this is the most likely damage you’ll encounter. However, keep in mind that gutters, downspouts and flashing are all integral parts of your roofing system, and they need to be in proper working order as well.

  • If DIY Isn’t Your Thing, a Professional Roofer Should Be Your Next Call

Not all of us have the time or the motivation to fix things ourselves, or maybe you’re just deathly afraid of falling from the roof. Whatever the reason, a professional roofer can evaluate the damage and provide recommended repair information. And if you want to take it a step further, they can definitely fix the damage for you – and probably fairly quickly, too. Of course, that will cost you a little bit.

  • DON’T Trust Fly-by-Night Roofers

It never fails – a big storm passes through a town, and all of a sudden “roofers” come out of the woodwork. There’s plenty of damage to be fixed, and these shysters know that. They’ll offer cut-rate repairs, and you’ll almost certainly get what you paid for: shoddy work that won’t last. But since these roofers are constantly on the go, good luck getting a refund or some kind of follow-up visit. Save yourself the heartache (and a nice chunk of money) by sticking with reputable roofers.

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