Why Gutters Are The Most Important Part Of Your Home’s Exterior

Posted on Dec 19, 2014 1:48:31 PM by Chris Meyer

gutter-home-exteriorEven though the gutter system on your Fort Worth home is often overlooked, it’s actually the most important part of your home’s exterior. There are many reasons why gutters are of great significance:

A Good Gutter System Provides Protection

Gutters serve as a form of prevention: They prevent water damage to your home’s exterior by keeping water off the walls, siding, brick or stone. Functioning gutters and downspouts transport water away from your house, which also keeps the foundation dry. If your foundation incurs water damage, it can threaten the structural integrity of the home.

Roof Leaks and Allergies

Roof leaks can be caused by a poor gutter system. When your gutters aren’t functioning properly or become clogged, water begins to pool on the roof. Pooled water can eventually find its way underneath shingles, which leads to leaks and can allow mold to form. If mold moves into the exterior of the home, it can aggravate allergies and even threaten your family’s health.

Leaks can cause paint to peel off of walls inside the home, and water damage to the beams and rafters can cause your roof to become unstable.

Ice Dams and Blockages

If you live in an area that experiences snowfall in the winter, gutters are even more vital to your roof’s health – they allow melted snow to drain off the roof. However, snow runoff can freeze within the gutters, causing ice dams that prevent further drainage. This leads to ice and snow building up on your roof, which creates additional weight your roof isn’t built to withstand for long periods. That added weight can threaten the stability of your roof.

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